Attention spans are getting shorter. Just a few years ago we thought they couldn’t get any shorter but they continue to shrink.

Web marketers know that you have 4-5 seconds to grab the attention of someone who lands on your website.  If you don’t get their attention and engage them immediately, your visitor will click away and move on to your competitor’s site.

Web visitors don’t have time to waste trying to figure out what you have to offer them – they feel no obligation and they won’t cut you any slack.

So how the heck do you instantly engage a web visitor and get them to stay on your site? Flashing lights? Dancing bears?

You need to quickly communicate who you are and why they should care.

If your headline is boring or your snoozeville Mission Statement is front and center on your homepage, they’ll be gone in a flash.

Enter Animated Explainer Videos

Why make visitors spend 15 minutes “browsing” your website when a well-crafted explainer video will do all the work for them in a fraction of the time?
Like this one:

You’ve seen these. They’ve been around for a while but this year has seen an explosion of these informative, funny, promotional, compelling, and sometimes heart-stopping videos.

The first thing they have going for them is that they are visual. Did you know that your brain can process images 60-times faster than words?

brain understands images 60-times faster than words








Yeah, and who the heck wants to read these days?

The art and science of effective explainer videos are the precision production techniques that condense time…offering the perfect combination of voice narrative (when included) synchronized with the perfect images and moving graphics that together create a multi-messaging “hologram” that intrigues the viewer and is comprehended by the brain with ease.

Part of what’s so effective is that almost all of these videos are designed to communicate the message even when viewed without sound.

Admit it – you’ve watched muted videos on your phone during a boring meeting. Right?

Ideal speed and pacing are the hallmarks of great explainer videos. But because they can be stopped, started, and viewed repeatedly, your message will be absorbed even if the viewer has to watch more than once.

Want to make your prospects happy?
• Save them time
• Don’t make them think
• Entertain them

What’s the value of a happy prospect? They’re likely to have a good feeling about you which makes them far more likely to become a client, customer or donor.