Animated Business Videos

High Impact Multi-Sensory Messaging

See what all the fuss is about:

There’s no better way to communicate a
time-efficient message to your audience!

When skillfully crafted, the simultaneous use of moving and still images, on-screen text, narration, and music can touch your customers emotionally and inspire them to take action.

We produce Animated Explainer Videos in our studio for
businesses and organizations in any location.

Animated Videos for
Companies & Organizations

  • Website Intro Videos
  • Explainer Promotional Videos
  • Instructional or Demonstrations
  • Non-profit Fundraising 
  • Employee Orientation and Training
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Case Studies / Client Success Stories

Animated Videos for
Individual Professionals

  • Digital “Business Card” Video
  • Introduction Video for Individual Professionals
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae Video
  • Video Blogging
  • Highlights or Promo for a Keynote Presentation
  • Artist Portfolio Montage
  • Messaging for Political Candidates

Niche Market Animated Videos

Customized for Your Industry and Your Micro-Niche

Professional Introduction Videos

Watch this Animated Video we produced for a Consultant.

This kind of video can be sent to warm leads as an efficient, power-packed introduction – instantly providing the additional information about you that can close the deal. Do you think the other consultants being considered sent an intro video like this? Probably not. Your time-saving video can be your competitive edge.

Videos for Nonprofits

We produced this Video to increase visibility for two historic sites that have a fascinating connection.

Here’s an Animated Video that’s a little different. It’s actually a hybrid because it includes a bit of live-action footage. We shot all the photographs and created the graphic images used. Animation techniques maintain the movement and interest when using still photographs. Scripting was one of the most important elements in this video. The narration tells the story and effectively sustains the interest of the viewer.

Real Estate Agents

SEE an Animated Video Sample

We pack all the essential information into a short, fun-to-watch animated video. These videos can complement your house tour media.

real estate video screen

Frequently Asked Questions

About How Animated Explainer Videos Can Rock Your Business!
Q: Are Animated Explainer Videos better than Live Action Videos for marketing?
A: Animated videos are often a more effective medium than traditional live film videos, for getting across a complex message. This is because animated videos have an uncanny ability to more quickly communicate a message.
Q: Do these videos really work that well? And will I have a competitive advantage?

A: One of the best reasons to use Animated Videos is because your competition is likely not using them. We pride ourselves in producing videos that are unique and compelling. You won’t end up with a video that uses a traditional formula that looks like so many other videos and puts your viewers to sleep.

We know how to put together your video to effectively portray your brand and inspire your prospects to take action. Your video will be the perfect length with precision pacing. It will express your message quickly but without cutting corners that could leave your viewer perplexed. The result – a potential client or customer who is instantly informed without needing to spend 20 minutes searching through your site for the answers to their burning questions.

Q: How exactly do you create an animated video that will work with my potential customers?

A: We’ll need information from you but that only requires you to answer the questions we send and possibly a phone conversation for clarity. Otherwise, we do all the heavy-lifting to produce your animated video.

Specifically, our expert team provides:

  • Concept development for the most effective approach
  • A well-crafted script for a succinct, compelling message
  • Creative production initiatives that hook your viewers
  • Music soundtrack that aligns with your message and brand
  • Narration style and gender that best suits your message
  • Captions or elements that convey your message if no narration
  • Precision editing that creates the messaging magic that condenses time
Q: What other creative ways can Animated Videos be used?

A: See our list on this page of the potential uses. But the sky’s the limit! Animated Explainer videos can be perfect for Success Stories or Case Studies. One could be used as a preview of an upcoming conference where you will be speaking. You can publish a series of 20-second tips that would be great for both current and potential customers. And they can be perfect for non-profits to give very quick updates about the great work they are doing that can inspire supporters to make an additional donation!

Our creative ideas flow like a rushing river! We’ll help you come up lots of ideas to help you stand out!

Q: How do I determine if I need narration?

A: Sometimes it’s obvious from the start that your company or organization’s video will require narration. And other times it makes sense to take a “Let’s proceed with the project without narration and see if it works” approach, which might save you money and gives your video more flexibility in regard to where it can be viewed.

Most importantly though, as we’ve stated previously, all our videos are produced to be viewed and understood with or without sound.

However, there might be a subject matter that cannot effectively convey your message with only visual images and text. In that case, your video would include the required narration so that viewers will fully understand your message.

Q: How much money will we save by not adding narration?

A: Each project is different and is custom priced, but for a 60-second video, the narration will likely cost an extra $250-$350. For a project that requires long sequences of voice-over to explain a complex set of concepts, the narration cost could be much higher. The types of videos that would require a greater amount of narration would be demonstration videos or training videos.

Q: What's the cost of an animated video?

A: We do get this question but less often than you’d think. There’s often an “Aha” moment when potential clients see our introductory video (at the top of this page) with examples of what they know will work well for them. The multiple uses for just one video makes it a great long-term investment.

The most popular and often most effective use of an explainer video is a 60-90 second company/organization promotional video or a professional introduction video for an individual. Each project is custom priced, and there are numerous factors that impact the cost (with or without narration, complexity of the message, etc.) The price can be as low as $595 for a simple 30-second video, but most of the time a 60-90 second video will give you the most for your money and can be produced for long-term repeated use (it won’t contain time-sensitive information or look dated)

Perfecting your message into a brief but profoundly effective narrative requires a significant amount of research and planning. Once we fully understand your company and the needs of your target audience we can craft a laser-focused video that often provides you with a new level of brand clarity.

As you know, portraying your brand accurately is essential for converting prospects into customers.

Each project is custom priced once we have determined the exact scope of your project. You can help us get started by completing the Animated Video Creative Brief for your potential project. (there’s no obligation for submitting your information)

Animated videos require very little from the business professional or owner – We do the heavy lifting in the studio!

Schedule a free consult – No obligation

We also produce Live Action Videos for those local to Boston’s North Shore.