Policy Development & Brand Messaging

Consulting and Business Writing

Policy Development & Brand Messaging

Consulting and Business Writing

Policies & Procedures 

Christine assesses organizational structures, processes, and procedures.

She’s especially skilled at identifying an organization’s missing procedures, determining the needed components, and developing the necessary step-by-step procedures. 

She has been involved in the development of policies and procedures for several organizations.

For a well-known music school in the Boston area, she worked in partnership with the lead consultant to update their procedures. Christine recognized what was missing and wrote additional policies that were included in the updated version of the school’s manual. 

Christine also developed policies and procedures for a proposed eco-village in the greater Newburyport area. 

“Christine assisted on a project to update the Policies & Procedures Manual for Boston-based music school. I hired her to edit the lengthy manual, but she quickly stepped into a larger role developing additional policies that she saw were needed. I included them when submitting the final revision. They were not only accepted but appreciated as policies needed in the revised manual.”


SG Consulting, Reading, MA

“Christine worked on the Policies & Procedures Manual for our proposed Eco-Village in the Greater Newburyport area. She had excellent ideas for what policies we needed and wrote detailed policies that explained comprehensive concepts and presented them in an easy-to-understand format.”


Odonata EcoVillage

“When I launched my consulting business Christine helped me develop my brand message. She designed my superb brochure and a creative professional website. It wasn’t long before Christine was also working as a partner with me on some of the actual consulting work. She was involved with writing and revising business policies and procedures, developing management practices and other high-level consulting activities. Many times I relied on Christine for ideas and advice.”


SG Consulting, Reading, MA

Brand Messaging 

Christine Green crafts messaging that represents organizations and individual professionals authentically and effectively engages prospects.

She writes web brand messaging that enable your target audience to “get” you at a glance.

Christine specializes in noticing what’s missing on your website. She’ll tell you what you’re not doing but should be and she will help you strategize and develop content to fill in the gaps.

Campaign & Public Policy Messaging

Christine was the communications director for a local political campaign. With no prior government experience, she hit the ground running, writing effective copy and video scripts for the candidate. 


Photograph by Christine Green

“Christine Green’s talents had a remarkable impact on getting our message out and cultivating support during my campaign. The nature of any campaign requires using several different tools for communicating and continuously shifting methods while maintaining a consistent message with lighting-speed response times. Christine provided all of that. She was able to boil down complex public policy issues into tight and understandable presentations. Her services also had a huge impact on our fundraising efforts, as we raised the most money of any other Amesbury mayor’s elections. The ability to build a large on-line following and maintain active communications allowed us to get large numbers of supporters to turn out when we needed them. And through of all this, Christine always kept her cool and was always fun to work with.”

Honorable Thatcher Kezer

Former Mayor of Amesbury