The business professional’s most popular social media venue rolled out a new format at the end of 2012. This may be a game-changer because you can now add video to your LinkedIn Profile.

On January 17, 2013, LinkedIn announced that they are “gradually rolling out the media link feature to those that have the new profile design.” I recently noticed it in my profile but it may not yet be available to everyone.

This is great news for business professionals, business owners, and solo entrepreneurs. It’s one more significant leap toward a video-focused Internet. Video marketing is no longer a luxury for large companies but has become a necessity for small businesses. It can put you ahead of your competition and is the competitive edge for job seekers.

Individual professionals now have the opportunity to create a video resume to feature on a website, on LinkedIn and other online venues. And business owners can add a promotional video about their company to their LinkedIn Profile.

A word of caution – while video can rocket you ahead of other companies or job candidates, a poorly crafted video can do more damage than good. Don’t post a video that falls short, from either a technical or a marketing perspective.

Hire a video marketing consultant to advise you and produce videos that feature you in your best light (literally and figuratively! :-)) and effectively portray the compelling aspects of your company or you as an individual.

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See my LinkedIn Profile with the embedded video: