Google Social Search

This week Google made some big changes to their Social Search that will pay off big if you have a Google Profile and have been actively building your online presence.

Google Social Search was introduced in 2009, but the new features are the most significant to date.

In a nutshell what happens now is when you are logged in with your Google Profile and you enter search terms, you receive results that include relevant links to blogs, tweets, photos and other content of Google Profile users with whom you are connected. This has been the case for a few years but they are now integrated rather than at the bottom of the page.

Here’s how it works: If you enter “famous cats who use social media marketing in Newburyport to raise money for charities” into Google search and your cousin’s ex-husband’s neighbor’s college roommate is one of your Twitter connections (who has a Google Profile) AND they have published content related to famous Newburyport cats who use social media marketing to help charities – that person’s article, name and picture will show up on the first page of your Google search results!

How great is that?

And…if YOU have a strong online presence and someone digitally connected to you searches for something that you have blogged, posted or tweeted about, guess whose smiling face shows up integrated in their first page Google search results? Yep…You!

So, if you already have a Google Profile, pat yourself on the back and keep cranking out that content!

And if you don’t have a Google Profile…get going and create one. But not before you share this post with your colleagues who also need a Google Profile!

You can do that by using the “Spread the Word” buttons below and then head over to the Google Profiles Page and get yourself digitized!

It’s never too late!