I scheduled a massage this week, even though I “couldn’t afford it.” The result (even before receiving the massage) was increased energy, lifted spirits, better focus, more efficiency and productivity, and increased confidence about moving forward on a specific business project. I’ll take a moment to mention my amazing massage therapist, Linda Delande from Meridian Body Therapies in Newburyport, Massachusetts. She’s the best!Meridian Body Therapies

So….all those benefits to my business, just from scheduling a massage? Maybe not. There were certainly other factors, but it’s my experience as a solo entrepreneur, that intense self-care is mission critical. I AM the engine behind the business. I AM the heart and soul of it. I AM the “Mama” of the enterprise. And you know what they say – “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

And if Mama is overly stressed and not getting the sufficient nurturing that she needs to operate at an optimum level, then she must institute whatever wellness components she needs in order to run the business effectively and sustainably.

Each solopreneur has his or her own preferred wellness support. For me it’s a massage or an hour at the beach in the late afternoon. For someone else it might be another type of bodywork, yoga, meditation or taking time for a racquetball game or a long-overdue phone call with a friend.

Two martinis after work might be your idea of nurturance, but I would put that in a whole different category. I invite you to discover and implement the practice you prefer that fully enhances the wellness of your mind and body.

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And remember, “Takin Care of Business” means Takin Care of YOU!