Is it just me? Or do most people want to see a photo of who they might do business with online? I personally can’t imagine hiring someone to provide a service without being able to see what they look like. If it’s a product it might not be a deal-breaker for me but when your picture is not there I feel uneasy. I know I’m a visual person but I need to SEE YOU! This is a trust issue. If your picture is not there I wonder what you are hiding? This is not all that different from online dating – the profiles with photos get 90% more views.

On Facebook I have this thing that even if I know you, I am hesitant to confirm a friend request until you show your face. It’s not called Facebook for nothing you know! On that venue, I realize there might be a technical issue for people who don’t know how to upload a photo.

When I come to your business website I want to see who I am dealing with. If it’s a solo operation it’s an absolute necessity. If it’s a small to medium sized company I want to see who founded it, who runs it, etc. In that case it’s partly curiosity but it is still a trust issue. Come out of the cyber shadows and show me and tell me who you are. I have bought many products online from solo entrepreneurs and I guarantee that if you show your face and tell me something about yourself, I will head to your shopping cart twice as fast and often on my first visit to your site.

Some companies don’t mention the management team at all, much less feature their bios with photographs. Why would they not do this? The same goes for books I buy – I immediately search for the author’s photo on the back cover or inside flap – and I am sorely disappointed when all I find is text. I want to know who you are. I have always had this curiosity and desire to see who’s behind the curtain of the company with whom I am considering a transaction…or the writer who poured years of themselves into writing their novel. Okay, I rarely read novels…but when I’m reading WordPress for Business Bloggers, why can’t I see Paul Thewlis?

And now in this age of Social Media engagement for businesses, it is a necessity to have photographs of yourself and at least your top managers or partners.

Business is more and more personal. The personal touch is not just a nice addition – it is essential.

What are your thoughts on this? How important is it to you that the About Page include photos?