Video Portfolio

We can produce just one video for your company or develop a Video Marketing Strategy that will help you get ahead of your competition. We are now specializing in Animated Videos that can be produced for businesses in any part of the country and have a wide range of uses. And for local clients we still do Live Action Videos.

Business consultant Frances McLaughlin was interested in a messaging platform to introduce herself as an independent consultant in a quick and easy format. Our new Animated Video service was perfect for her. In 90 seconds her complex message is conveyed to her target audience.

This video documents the Fireball Run TV Show’s visit to the small New England town of Amesbury, Massachusetts in September of 2012. The Chamber of Commerce, residents, and local Amesbury restaurants rolled out the red carpet to welcome and feed the participants and to support the search for missing children. This film was shown at the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting in 2012.

Mystery author Edith Maxwell launched her first Quaker Midwife mystery with a walking tour of historic Amesbury, Massachusetts – the setting of her novel in the late 1800s. She shared facts and gave readings at sites featured in the book. This low-budget video was filmed documentary-style during the actual tour and was produced to promote not only Ms. Maxwell’s first Quaker Midwife mystery, but forthcoming books as well.

Radiant Electric needed a video to explain and promote their solar panel installation service. They wanted to show the process visually as well as introduce the president of the company to put a face with Radiant in order to establish trust and portray the level of customer service their company provides. The Script was written by Christine, who also shot and produced the video.

This video was created for a fundraising event for the Amesbury Carriage Alliance. The project required shooting on one of the coldest days of the winter in an unheated building with no electricity. It also had a tight deadline but we pulled together our resources to complete the project within the timeframe as requested.

Local personalities from Amesbury and Newburyport share their pumpkin spice adventures in this fun-filled mockumentary. This video has gotten over 8,000 views as a native upload to Facebook.

This creative tongue-in-cheek video was produced as a gift to the community of Newburyport and to help promote the Yankee Homecoming week and parade. The concept was developed by Christine Green and produced on a very tight schedule during the window of opportunity when the migrating lawn chairs were roosting along High Street. 🙂

This video was produced to introduce voters to State Representative candidate Ed Cameron in a quick and compelling way. At 1 minute 35 seconds, it was shot and edited to pack a powerful upbeat message in a way that doesn’t require much time from viewers and doesn’t put them to sleep.

This video was produced during the last month of Thatcher Kezer’s re-election campaign in 2013. This is a good example of our full-service video marketing and production. As a seasoned marketer, Christine Green recognized what kind of video was needed for the last leg of the campaign. Her idea to address the undecided voters was spot on. She wrote a script that addressed the exact concerns of those Amesbury residents. As an experienced director, she coached the mayor for the best camera presence. Christine also chose the location, shot the footage and did the post-production work adding titles and credits.

The goal of this project was to showcase the glorious sunflower fields planted every summer at Colby Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts as a gift to the community.

This promotional film was created to help Baltimore Aikido get the word out and attract new students to their dojo. It has been viewed by hundreds of people on YouTube.

This video of a Loon family was shot by Christine Green early in the morning on a lake in New Hampshire. All one take, it captures the haunting calls of the adult loons, as well as their feeding of the chicks who were only a few days old.

Candidate for State Representative Ed Cameron wanted a brief video of his participation in Newburyport’s Yankee Homecoming Parade. Christine followed him as he walked the parade and captured the enthusiasm of his supporters. A lot of footage was shot of the event and careful editing was required to create this one-minute film that portrayed the essence of Ed’s interaction with his supporters in the crowd. This video was embedded on his website and published on several of his social media profiles including Facebook and Twitter.

This video documented the first One Billion Rising Flash Mob performed in Newburyport, Massachusetts on February 14, 2013. Most of the video is one continuous shot that uses a variety of camera angles to maintain interest and capture the essence and emotions of the dancers and onlookers.

This video was created for the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in Newburyport, Massachusetts. It documents their annual Walk Against Domestic Violence and is a tool they use to increase awareness and visibility. It also helps them continue to raise funds to support their services.