Recently Facebook changed the way posts show up when published on business pages. They used to be listed chronologically. Makes sense, huh?

A company wanting to alert fans of news-related or time-sensitive topics and offers would post them on the appropriate date. That way fans would not only receive them in their news feed at the right time, but would also be able to view them on the company’s page in the sequence in which they were posted.

Well, somehow the developers at Facebook decided that chronological order was not only not necessary, but not desirable for business pages. They decided for all of us that business page posts should be ordered by relevance – meaning popularity, apparently determined by the number comments.

Tens of thousands of business owners, including me are now screaming wondering “What were they thinking?”

The worst part is that we have no choice. There is no option to set the post order.

It is mind-boggling how this could have seemed like a good idea.

Yesterday there was a panel on Facebook Live introducing the new page updates and answering questions submitted by viewers. The very first question was about why they had discontinued the chronological order. Their answer was lame. They compared it to “Top News” (the personal profile equivalent to non-chronological and so-called “relevance” order – which I hate and always have to click “Most Recent” in order to read my feed where I left off). They claimed that users were not interested in chronological order and that there are other cues that indicate what a user/fan wants to see. The example they gave was if your friend liked the post then it would be of more interest to you. They stated that this new ordering was more engaging for users and therefore preferred.

They seemed to be clueless about what might really benefit a company using a Facebook page. They seem to be wearing “social” blinders and unable to understand the perspective or needs of businesses or organizations.

What struck me most when I tuned into the live chat, was that the company representatives and (at least partial) decision makers of Facebook, looked all of 25 years old. And we all know that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is only 26. I am showing my age, but these youngsters could not possibly have the experience or expertise to understand what would be of most value to companies, organizations and individuals who use Facebook pages as part of  their marketing.

Business owners are speaking up through blog posts like this one and FB pages like Bring Back Chronological Posts On Pages – if you are one of the frustrated business page managers who wants to join the ranks pushing for the return of chronological order, please “Like” that page.

We will be heard!
And we will Restore Order! 🙂