Social Media is the best thing that ever happened to brilliant introverts. (That would be me :-)) – I can easily get my message out to friends/colleagues/the world….who have not seen me shine very often, or been aware of my knowledge and skills. I don’t step into the spotlight very often in a social setting and when I do I don’t stay there. I hang back. But in a blog platform I can step to the head of the class. As a blog publisher, I have created my own soap box and those who wish to stop by and listen can do so. Interested readers can choose to have my thoughts sent right to their inbox (see box in right sidebar for subscribing to this blog by email)

Can you relate to this? Are you someone who has great ideas and a lot to share with the world, but have not had the opportunity? Do the extroverts around you get most of the attention personally and professionally? Do you know that your ideas would be well received if you only had that chance to share them with those who would appreciate what you have to say?

If so, then blogging and social media participation might be just what you’ve been seeking.

No, your personality won’t change and you won’t likely be the belle of the ball, but if you participate with honesty and share unique and valuable content – you will gather a following. You will create online connections. You will be part of a community of like-minded people. And you will get your moments in the spotlight. But mostly you will gain recognition and respect as you engage in the conversation of social media.

Inbound Marketing (using social media to get found) is not about tooting your own horn. It can be about expressing your ideas and tips but in the spirit of offering value that will position you as the go-to person in your field.

This is why social media is a venue where introverts can excel. We usually aren’t focused on loudly broadcasting about ourselves or using hype or hard-sell approaches. We just want a turn at bat. And tend to like a quiet, focused message that gets to the point.

If you’re an introvert, or even an extrovert trapped in an introvert’s body, blogging and social media platforms will likely be your dream come true!

Now…get yourself out there!

Oh….and if you can muster up the courage – leave me a comment! 🙂