Christine Green and Chris Brogan

I am a strong believer in following my intuition and the “guidance” that I receive on a daily basis. When I do this, I often experience amazing synchronicities. Tonight was no exception.

I was undecided about how to spend my evening and tried to make last minute plans to see a film at the local art house. In the end I decided to go with my original plan, which was to attend a nearby outdoor Artisan’s Fair. It was a lovely summer evening and several friends were showing their work, so I went to the reception. It was the perfect Friday night event.

I left about 7:45pm, and on my way home I swung by Stop and Shop to pick up a few items that I knew were not available in any other store. I had this on my “To Do” list for almost 2 weeks and for various reasons had not yet completed the task. I could have scolded myself days earlier when I still had not run this errand, but I find that when I appear to be “procrastinating” or not doing what I think I “should” be doing, there is always a good reason and an auspicious outcome as a result of the delay.

That was certainly the case this evening when I ran into Chris Brogan in the produce department. If you are not familiar with Chris, he is one of the world’s most respected bloggers and social media marketing experts. I have followed him closely for the last few years and met him at Boston’s Inbound Marketing Summit last October. He was also gracious enough to welcome me to blogging almost a year ago by sending a tweet to over 95,000 of his followers on the day I launched.

So to say it made my day to see him in the grocery store, is an understatement. But that’s not even the best part. After I asked to take a photo, to which he kindly agreed, we chatted about his mom’s recent birthday and his switch from the WordPress Thesis theme to the Genesis theme. (these are affiliate links)

When he found out that I am a Thesis Web Designer he asked me what types of businesses I serve (update – I no longer use Thesis, but use a number of other frameworks). I told him small businesses – that I had recently contracted with a solo entrepreneur, a property management company and an employee benefits management firm. Chris told me that his followers have often thought he was a Thesis designer himself because he promoted the WordPress theme. He then offered to send me Thesis site design referrals.

After picking my jaw up off the floor and probably bumbling over my words, I pulled a business card out of my pocket and handed it to him.

I carry my cards on my at all times. I am known for hounding colleagues to always carry business cards with them. I often spout off, “You never know when or where you’ll instantly need a business card…and by not having one you can miss a huge opportunity!”

And here I was in that ultimate moment, that we only hope for. But within a micro-second my business card was in the hand of one of the most influential marketing experts in the world.

Was all of this mere coincidence or dumb luck?

I don’t think so. I have been working very hard recently and have been attracting more and more clients. I am not having to work at it. I am committed and more often than not, in an attitude of “allowing.” I am no longer resisting my own success. Okay – maybe an itty bitty amount sometimes when I get scared…but for the most part I am “letting it in.”

Letting what in?

Letting in the folks that want and need what I have to offer.
Letting in positive energy.
Letting in more self value and my willingness to shine.

It takes practice and most of all it takes courage. Being successful means taking full responsibility. It requires a lot of me.

I’m up for it.

And I’ll give you my business card to prove it!

Will you?