Many small business owners do not have a large marketing budget. But here’s the deal – you need good marketing writing and advice. If you are not a trained copywriter, it will be difficult for you to create an effective message on your website that will bring in customers.

Small business owners often don’t expect much of their websites. They know they need a site in order to look professional. And that’s what they want their site to do – “look professional” or “look attractive” – as though that in itself will benefit their business. It’s a start. But only a start. Your website is not a pretty cyberspace brochure with the purpose of giving your business legitimacy or making you look like more than one person in a home office. It can certainly do those things, but why waste an incredible marketing opportunity? You should expect your site to funnel customers to you. But it won’t without a well-crafted marketing message.

Many small business owners don’t prioritize marketing in their budget. They do nickel and dime marketing efforts that don’t produce results. Then they save their money to create a website. They hire a designer, but no marketer or copywriter. They write the content for their site. They end up with a beautiful site that does not turn prospects into customers.

Why shouldn’t you write the content for your website? It’s your company. Who understands it better than you?

Good business writing is not the same as good marketing copy. You may be an excellent writer and know everything there is to know about your company. You can describe your services well. But that doesn’t mean you can create an effective marketing message. Insiders usually aren’t the best ones to describe their own services or products – they are too close and their writing is often not easily understood by those unfamiliar with their industry.

A professional copywriter (a marketing specialist who writes compelling sales messages and copy for ads, brochures, and websites) is trained to decipher and translate your services into easily understood language. The copywriter configures a compelling message that instantly engages your prospects, addressing their needs and offering solutions.

You may think you are doing this…but you probably aren’t. It’s hard stuff. And even seasoned copywriters labor over their work.

The best copywriting often isn’t noticed. That’s the art of it. It draws the customer in, gently and persuasively. The hyped-up “used-car-salesmen” message is always noticed and while those in-your-face tactics might work in some situations, that’s not what a skilled copywriter produces.

There are people who want your service or product and are delighted when they find it – when from the moment they land on your site are efficiently informed and guided. The customer appreciates an effortless process and are happy to participate and buy when you don’t make them work to figure out if your product is what they want. The qualified customer is happy to purchase when you speak their language and anticipate and address their concerns. That’s what a professional copywriter/content developer will do for you.

There’s a reason Don Draper, from the TV show Mad Men, begged Peggy Olson to go with him when he left Sterling Cooper to start a new firm. She is a great copywriter and an essential member of the creative team (even if she is a fictional character!). She creates concepts and writes the headline and copy for successful ad campaigns. There were no websites in her time, but you can bet if there were, she’d be a top content developer. (maybe even working from home or a coffee shop!)

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Hire me or hire someone else…just don’t short-change your business by doing it yourself. You wouldn’t pull your own tooth, would you? Maybe you would. Ouch!