For those of you who still think that online connections result in avoiding face to face contact with “real” people – you are absolutely wrong – they don’t – in fact 93% of the time, digital connections do the opposite. (I made up the 93%, but that’s my sense of it)

Obviously, if you’re someone who is already disconnected and have difficulty relating to people, perhaps you will stay isolated. But if finding friends and business associates in cyberspace is the best you can do, than good for you!

But for those who want to be more connected, but perhaps are shy and don’t have a dazzling or magnetic personality, the digital world can level the social playing field and help you get more in the game of your social circles. It’s a dream come true for introverts (more about that in a future post). I feel more and more connected all the time. Being self-employed and alone in my office for most of the day, the online communities provide a welcome relief to isolation.

The digital world also provides previously impossible opportunities for lost connections. A few weeks back, an old friend from 30 years ago found me because of my strong online presence. How cool is that? I’m sure you’ve had that same experience if you have your own website or participate in Facebook or other social media venues. And all the more reason to crank up your social media efforts.

Without the Internet and search ability, there are many people I would have never seen or heard from again. We lost touch and had no way of finding each other, short of a pricey private investigator. Today we all have a number of free private investigators at our disposal. Use them – reach out and find those from your past that you want to reconnect with to say hello, to un-burn bridges, make amends, pay back the hundred bucks, offer forgiveness, or whatever. Keep it positive. Don’t look up those who will bring you down or with whom you have a bone to pick. For those folks – send them a prayer or blessing, instead.

The only word of caution about looking for people from your past, is if you are in a committed intimate relationship, it may not be wise to look up old flames unless you absolutely know you are in a clean space with them. Be honest with yourself about your motives. Tell your partner and be fully transparent in your reconnecting. And if you get together in person, invite them to your home to meet your partner. (sorry for the personal life aside, but this is a potential danger zone and deserves the advice of consciousness and caution).

Reconnecting with old friends and colleagues can also help you find a job or offer possibilities for professional collaboration or business deals. Two of my recent reunions hold this promise.

So why not cast your web of connection even farther? Do a little time travel online. Reach out and click someone! You never know what positive outcome might be in store.