On a regular basis I now have the wonderful experience of doubling over in hysterics every time I check my home voice mail. Why? Is some prank caller leaving funny messages? Did I subscribe to 1-800-JOKE-OF-THE-DAY? Have I become friends with Paula Poundstone?

No. I simply created a new “recorded name” for my voice mail.

When first setting up their “recorded name” on voice mail at home or at the office, many people feel obligated to not only record their full first and last name, but to do so in a serious monotone…as though they were reporting for duty on a military base.

In my last corporate job, every morning I would hear the recording of my boss sternly announcing his own name, as he checked his voice mail by speaker phone. I used to roll my eyes every time, mostly wishing  he’d turn down the volume.

Being the radical non-conformist that I am, at home and at that job, I recorded only my first name! This was a well kept secret until this moment…but now the cat’s out of the bag. (if this means losing followers on Twitter, than so be it)

A week ago, in a flash of insight, I realized that I had probably listened to myself proclaim “CHRISTINE” at least 2,732 times since I started using voice mail. I decided it was time for a change. So I pulled out the voice mail instruction booklet to figure out how to re-record whatever struck my fancy. No one had to know. I was the only one who would hear it, right? Of course. Wire-tapping in now a thing of the past.

So after hitting speed dial for my access number and pressing #3 “to change my personal options” rather than the usual #1 to “listen to my messages,” the nice little lady inside the phone instructed me how to change my “recorded name.”

Then…after the beep…in my most cheerful Elmer Fudd voice, I created my brand new “recorded name” of “KWISTINE!”

Elmer Fudd says "Kwistine!"I managed to stay composed for another nano-second – just long enough to press the # key to stop recording, and then burst into the best bout of uncontrollable laughter I’ve experienced in a long time! 🙂

Now I get to crack myself up every time I check my voice mail! The great thing is that I forget it’s coming, so I have a mini fun-house experience at least once a day. An automated humor break. How great is that? I can access my homemade “laugh-on-demand”…whenever I need it.

What’s this got to do with business relationships? Plenty.

Having a hearty belly laugh once a day has the following business benefits:

  • taking a humor break is good for the mind and the soul – you will feel joy for those few moments no matter what else is stressing you
  • your joy brings joy to those around you and makes everyone more relaxed
  • a belly laugh jolts you out of your current state-of-mind, giving you a fresh perspective (always a good thing)
  • the uplifted energy opens you to any number of positive outcomes including: increased confidence, feeling more accepting of co-workers, your boss or your employees, improved communication, release of negative energy, improved health and vitality, and so much more…all of which attract more business. (it really does)

Re-recording your name on your voice mail is only one way to bring a momentary giggle into your day. Be creative and think of other ways to lighten up and “let in” all the good!

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