Apparently, Ransomware was one of the biggest security issues facing businesses in 2016. And it’s on the increase – from January to September threats tripled.

Ransomware is quite a vicious version of malware. It lands on a system, then it begins to encrypt business or personal files on the hard drive. After it finishes encrypting, the program demands money from the victim, usually in the form of Bitcoin.

If the victim is lucky, after they pay the ransom, the malware will assist with the decryption process to release the files. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it takes the money and deletes your file laughing all the way to the bank.

What a nightmare.
But there’s great news! A company called Cyberreason has a free dowload of anti-ransom software call RansomFree. You can download it here – it’s a quick and easy installation.

Keep up all your other good security habits and always backup all your files.

Let’s keep our computers safe and sound in 2017!