This is my premiere blog post. Welcome to both of my readers!

The intention of this blog is to offer novel perspectives on what connects us and what severs connection in business, marketing, and social media. My articles will hopefully deepen your understanding of “what makes people tick” and help you make better choices for creating successful professional relationships.

I’m referring to all working relationships. Yes, the blog will focus primarily on business owners, department heads, managers, sales people, etc. but there will also be articles of interest to anyone who works for a living – whether you have a boss or are the boss. This blog is for you if you would like to relate and communicate in the business world with more ease.

My Relationship with My Blog
Okay, as I prepared for the grand opening of my new blog, of course I obsessed about what to write for my first post. What the heck would dazzle my readers from the get-go? How could I ever decide? I plan to write a number of articles that will essentially be “Your Relationship with (fill in the blank).” That blank will of course be filled in with endless people, roles and things that you as a business professional relate to on a daily basis.

With that in mind, I thought I would start at the beginning and write about my relationship with my blog. Yes, it’s about me for the next few seconds…then it will be about you, I promise!

Since my relationship with my blog is so new, I’m nervous and giddy, caught up in the weak-kneed dizziness of this new romance. My head is spinning! I have so many unanswered questions! Are we a good match? Can I truly commit? Will my friends and family accept my new blog? Will I get my Will my readers get their needs met?

My Relationship with My Readers
My second thought was to write about my relationship with my readers. At the moment of this writing, you only exist in my imagination. Oh, but what an attractive bunch you are! Bright, good looking…creative…

Okay, I promise not to try manipulating you ever again. (as though you fell for it anyway!). Seriously, though…I look forward to meeting many of you…developing a relationship and being in dialogue with you.

The true courtship is with you. Again, my head spins with questions! My self-doubt rears it’s head…Will my readers find value in what I write? Will they like me? Will they get my sense of humor? Will I have to constantly add smiley faces so I’m not perceived as sarcastic? (should I insert one right here?)

While this is a dialogue, I am here to please you – to give you what you want and what you came for. I promise to do my best. I do. I do. Till digitally do us part.

And I’m sure you will let me know when the honeymoon’s over. At which time, hopefully we will glide seamlessly into a long-term commitment (and without the need for counseling).

Coming Attractions
I’m sure by now you’re wondering: “What the heck is she gonna write about business relationships?” So I’ll tell you…

Here’s a partial list of my planned topics:

  • Your Relationship with Your Potential Customers (Duh? How original for a marketing consultant…) – keep reading, please
  • Your Relationship with Past Customers (it does get less predictable…I promise)
  • How to Choose a Business Partner
  • How to Be a Grown-up with Your Boss
  • How to Hire Employees You Want to Keep
  • Improving Your Relationship with Your Employees
  • Optimizing Your Personal Web Presence
  • Communication Skills You Can Actually Learn
  • Your Perception of What Others Think of You
  • Honoring Your Personal Work Style
  • Skills for Reading and Relating with Co-Workers
  • Conscious Management
  • Making Your Referral Sources Feel Like a Million Bucks
  • Self Awareness: Are You Willing to Identify Your Blind Spots?
  • Do You Have a Good Relationship with Your Work Environment?
  • Crazy-making in the Workplace
  • Coming to Terms with and Expressing Your Professional Identity
  • Business Assertiveness 101
  • The Danger of Assumptions
  • Your Competition is Not Your Enemy

Just to name a few….

I hope you will find my perspectives unique and difficult to squish into the proverbial “box.” You’ll find out soon enough that I have an aversion to anything “ordinary.” Hopefully you’ll appreciate that about my posts. I respect your time and will try to keep you engaged but not captive. (this one is a bit long but hey, we’re getting to know each other).

So as I envision many readers finding this post…
Here are a few questions for you:
What is your biggest business/work relationship challenge? What aspect of business relationships has you most scratching your head? What would be most helpful for me to ramble about in this blog?

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading and responding to your answers. Let the conversation begin!