Photography Services

While Christine Green still offers a wide range of business photography, she no longer shoots bio headshots or event photography.

She now shoots mostly images to be used on websites and for social media content – photos that would be considered more “casual.” 

Because photography is not her primary service Christine has not invested in the top-quality equipment that a wedding or architectural photographer would use.

However, Christine’s greatest photographic skill is her eye –
her eye for the unique, and her impeccable photographic compositions.

Christine now shoots most of her photographs on her phone. The quality that is now possible with a late model Samsung Galaxy phone, especially in low light, is surprisingly good quality.

The photos she takes are the level of a quality that is often indistinguishable from shots taken by photographers with expensive equipment.

Most often Christine’s photography is part of one of her website projects.

Here is an excellent example – she designed and built this website, and using her phone camera, shot every photograph featured on it:

Christine Green has been hired to do photography by:

  • a manufacturing company
  • a resort destination
  • a cultural organization
  • an attorney
  • a construction company
  • a landscaping business
  • an electrical contractor
  • a city candidate
  • a state legislature candidate
  • a teacher
  • a chiropractor
  • a mystery author,
  • a theater company
  • a spiritual community
  • an Aikido club.

Examples of Christine's Photographic Work:

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