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Amesbury Quakers

Amesbury Quakers
The Amesbury Friends Meeting website was overdue for a redesign and needed to be brought into the 21st century – not only in terms of design but also in regard to branding for a more modern presence and one that authentically represented the identity of the Amesbury Meeting. The goal was to portray the multifaceted nature of the Amesbury Quakers as not only deeply spiritual but with very specific values of social justice, gender equality, sustainability, and peace activism. The site needed to serve as an outreach tool to attract like-minded people, as well as new and younger members. The site also had the challenge of integrating the content from the Amesbury Peace Center rather than keeping that on a separate site. Christine Green shot almost every photograph used on the site over a period of two seasons. 

What We Did:

  • Rebranding & Marketing Concept
  • Content Revision, Development & Copywriting
  • Site Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • SEO
  • Installed an SSL Certificate

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