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Gone are the days of static websites that you can set and forget. Today’s websites offer great features and functionality but require precision technical upkeep to keep them operating smoothly and safe from hackers.

website designAs the hub of your marketing, your website is often the starting point of your sales process.

Therefore high performance is essential. Not only the obvious customer-focused content, usability, and design… but also the (almost) “invisible” aspects – site speed, optimized page loading, server uptime, a secure server, working links, database bloat reduction, and more.

Some web designers vanish after collecting their last payment, but we wouldn’t think of leaving you in the lurch. While you could learn at least some of the technical skills needed, the consistent monitoring and maintenance of your site is a risky burden and a potential headache that you don’t need.

Photograph by Christine GreenNot to worry! We’ve got you covered! You’ll have peace of mind knowing we’re keeping your site humming along.

Our commitment to our clients is long-term. We go beyond the basics and provide WordPress core updates, daily backups, plugin software updates, framework updates, site monitoring, performance scans and fixes, database optimization, broken link checking, and spam removal.

Our client sites also include an SSL Certificate.* The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate authenticates the identity of your website and encrypts information. You may have noticed sites with a URL that begins with “https” rather than “http” – that added “s” indicates a secure connection from the server to the browser. This security is not only for safe financial transactions but also keeps the site more secure in general. And just as important, the future of websites is to have an SSL Certificate. Your search engine optimization will be enhanced with this feature – Google plays favorites with https sites, and in the near future may even penalize sites without SSL.

See the Pricing Table below for the features of each plan. If you choose one of the two premium options, you’ll also receive a detailed formal report each month.

*If we design your first website we can include the SSL Certificate from the start. However, if we re-design an existing site, adding an SSL Certificate can require numerous adjustments under the hood as well as changes to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics configurations. There will be no fee for the certificate itself but fees will be incurred for the set-up and configuration on your site. 

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