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We work with clients from all over the country.
We build effective Websites and use advanced
Digital Marketing Strategies to help businesses get known online.

Ready to Take Your Website to the Next Level?

Here are a few guidelines to help you decide:

You Have Clear Goals

We specialize in helping clients develop goals and objectives for their website (and their business). If you don’t yet have yours spelled out, we can help. Clear objectives are essential for us to develop the marketing concept, the sales process and user flow of your site. Specific objectives also serve as milestones and give us a way of knowing if we have met your expectations.

You Are Ready

You’re not kicking tires but are ready to take your site and your business to the next level. You might still be window shopping but will get serious once you find the right web developer. To help you decide if that might be us, take a look at our web design portfolio and web design page. Also, check out our process to find out how things will unfold.

You Have an Appropriate Budget

We’ve tried many times over the years to work with insufficient budgets…and it never works. Therefore, if you don’t have the financial resources for an effective website, we invite you to come back when you are in a better position to invest in a website that will do justice to your company. We can certainly advise you how to get the most value from your budget but we won’t cut corners. We couldn’t sleep at night if we took your money and built you an inferior website.

You Trust Us

You’ve browsed our site and seen our portfolio. You see that we know what we’re doing. You’ve completed our Website Project Inquiry Form and were impressed with the questions we asked. It’s clear to you that with our marketing expertise we’ll construct a website that’s not only visually appealing but that can attract targeted prospects and generate leads. You like that it will be crafted around a strong marketing concept and sales process custom designed for your company.

You Are Willing to Let Us Do Our Job

If you have doubts about us, we encourage you to look for a web designer/developer you think can better meet your needs. And if we have any doubt about our ability to create the site you have envisioned, we won’t hesitate to refer you to another web designer. Review our portfolio and read the testimonials from our clients. If you like what you see and are on board with our process and how we work, we’ll get your project started! 🙂

You Have the Time to Do Your Part

We’re going to need information from you. Receiving it in a timely manner is helpful. We don’t require a lot because as web content writers we’ll craft the copy for your site. That means we start by reviewing the content on your current site, or you send us written material that you’ve put together. We’ll revise and optimize that content and configure it to work within your site’s sales process. If we have to start from scratch we will likely need to interview one or more key staff.

We LOVE our clients!

When we feel trusted and appreciated, we go the extra mile.

And, most importantly…

Once you are a client you will have a reserved place
in the creative mind of Christine Green.

This means she thinks about your business not only
during billable hours, but potentially any time, day or night.


She can’t help it!

She loves generating innovative marketing ideas for clients…
and her inventive brain likes to work overtime.

No extra charge. 🙂

Shall We Move Forward?

If this all sounds good, and you haven’t yet completed our web project inquiry form, click below: