Website Design – How We Work

Our Web Design Creative Process

Unlike many web designers, we don’t totally map out your exact site before we build it.

Why? Because our number one goal is to create a site that is an effective marketing tool for your business or organization. And it’s our experience that you won’t get the best result if we try to nail down the exact final look and functionality of your site in advance.

That does not mean we take a willy-nilly approach – quite the contrary. Our approach is comprehensive and we allow the creative process to unfold…in regard to both design and content strategy.

Most importantly, we prioritize the marketing effectiveness of your site.

As Creative Director and Content Strategist, Christine Green personally develops the marketing concept of each site and then designs the “sales process” that the content will serve. That part is concrete, and though complex, we can describe the merit and function of each website element and how it serves far more than the visual appeal.

Next, we develop your site’s content. “Content” is an often misunderstood buzzword. It’s not just the text or image on your homepage or a blog article but refers to the comprehensive experience a visitor has on your website.

There is an exact reason for every content element. Content strategy is the process of how and where each element best serves the sales process of a particular website – how it aligns with your brand and how effectively it engages visitors and inspires them to take action.

Once the marketing concept and custom sales process are developed, we’ll work on a wireframe sketch for the homepage, and usually, a sitemap that visually shows the hierarchy and navigational architecture of your site.

For high-end complex sites, a prototype may be built in order to give the client the most accurate sense of the functionality of their new site. Most clients don’t feel the need for a prototype – partly because of the added expense but mostly because they’ve seen our work, like what they’ve seen, and trust us to do our magic.

Your final site may look a bit different than the original sketches and concept. That’s because the creative process of both design and innovative marketing for a website almost always evolves as we become more familiar with your company and “aha” ideas are generated that will work more effectively than the original plan.

The result of allowing our creative juices to flow during the process is that you get the best of our creative marketing inspirations and a final site that has developed and improved over time.

Yeah, we’re unconventional – but we’ve never had a client unhappy with the website we’ve created for them.

If you’re comfortable with an “evolving’ site design, then get started by completing our Website Project Inquiry Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!