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Please Note: Our Video Production focuses almost exclusively on Animated Explainer Videos created in our studio. We rarely shoot “live action” videos that feature people speaking on camera or on-location. If that’s the kind of video you’re seeking please fill out the form anyway and explain what you have in mind. We might be able to accommodate you.

And if that’s what you thought you needed but are willing to consider an approach that may be easier for you and more effective for your company or organization, please complete the form and we’ll review your options when we talk.

Once we receive the information you submit, we’ll schedule a phone consultation to discuss the ways an Animated Explainer Video can be used for your business. There’s no charge for this initial conversation and of course, no obligation. 

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  • This helps us get to know your company or organization so we can offer the best suggestions about the type of Explainer Video that can serve your needs.
  • Tell us about your business or organization. What kind of services or product(s) do you sell? If you aren't sure what you need but are wondering if this kind of video could help, we're happy to talk with you to kick around a few ideas.
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  • How are you getting the word out? Tell us about your current marketing campaigns. This information helps us determine the best type of video that can work well with what you are already doing.
  • These budget levels are general. Once we know the scope and complexity of your project we can quote you an accurate price.
  • We work with individuals, companies and organizations nationwide but we'd love to know your time zone. 🙂
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Thanks for getting in touch. I will personally contact you to schedule a phone consultation to discuss ideas for your Video. This is a free consultation with no obligation. Once we determine the scope of your project, I will give you a price quote.

Christine Green
Video Marketing Strategist / Creative Director