Animated Video Sample - Real Estate

Here’s the Real Estate Sample Video:

There’s no better way to communicate a
time-efficient message to your audience!

When skillfully crafted, the simultaneous use of moving and still images, on-screen text, narration, and music inspires potential buyers and sellers to contact you.

We produce Animated Videos in our studio for Real Estate Agents and Agencies located anywhere in the United States.

Our animated videos will require very little from you. We do the heavy lifting in the studio!

But most agents already show videos of their listed properties…Don’t they?

Sure. You know the ones…The endless video “home tour” that takes forever to watch and bores you to tears.

That’s how we’re different – we pack a ton of information into a very short, fun-to-watch animated video.

Your 60-second video will have buyers picking up the phone the instant your number appears on the screen…while your competitor’s shaky camera is still walking through the second bedroom with at least 6 more minutes of snooze-worthy footage to go. 🙂

Our Animated Videos Deliver!

Concept development for the production of animated videos is just as important as it is with live action films. Additionally, the precision editing required to synchronize animated graphics with narration and music can sometimes make them even more complex.

Our expert team provides:

  • Concept development for the most effective approach
  • A well-crafted script for a succinct, compelling message
  • Creative production initiatives that hook your viewers
  • Music soundtrack that aligns with your message and brand
  • Narration style and gender that best suits your message
  • Captions or elements that convey your message if no narration

You can use an animated video as a Digital Business Card!

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