About Christine Green Consulting

Websites - Brand Messaging - Digital Strategies

About Christine Green Consulting

Websites - Brand Messaging - Digital Strategies

Christine Green Consulting consists of a team of creative marketing and technical talents led by Christine Green. As web designers, messaging pros, and digital marketing specialists, we offer clients one-stop shopping for their website and marketing solutions.

Leading Edge Marketing Approaches

We will help you develop a strategy using effective approaches to digital marketing and website optimization. We are fully versed in Customer-focused Web Design, Marketing-Optimized Content, and Social Media Tactics.Logo graphic - Web Design - Messaging and Content

Christine Green Consulting works with small and micro businesses from all over the country but we hold a special place in our heart for our local clients. We love Amesbury, Newburyport, and Salisbury and we are able to provide a range of services to businesses from those towns.

The clients for whom we create websites need compelling images for their site. We often provide photography services for local businesses or procure the images needed. Visual elements are extremely important on websites. We almost always design the graphic elements unless the client provides them.

Not to brag but we have THE best clients! We think they like working with us as much as we like working with them, but you can be the judge – read What They Say

Learn more about Christine Green and find out if she’s the web designer and marketing strategist best suited to help your company. Christine Green

Christine is also involved with Local Community Service & Causes  Find out more. 


If you are looking to strengthen the online presence of your business, increase sales from current customers and attract new customers, we can help. 

certified digital business consultantChristine Green - Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

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We work with clients on Boston’s North Shore,
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